About Us  
Founded in May of 1987 and located in San Antonio, Texas, Advanced Window and Glass brings together over 60 years experience in the window and door industry. Grounded in old-fashioned principles, our company is family-owned and operated and evolved from a manufacturing company of quality windows to a distributor of the finest brands of windows and doors.
Our founders believe strongly that to have a successful business, you have to stay focused on only one thing: making your customer happy. And making our customers happy is a fairly straightforward thing:
  • Provide high quality products: If we wouldn't buy the product ourselves, we surely don't expect anyone else to buy it.
  • Keep pricing fair and reasonable: Huge markups are just not how we do business.
  • Work with customers to ensure the products truly fit their needs: We take the time to find out all about your project. Doors and windows are purchases that last a long time and we make sure you'll be smiling for years to come.
Thank you for stopping by! Feel free to browse our website and visit the sites of our manufacturers as well by following the links on our Products page. Then give us a call and let us show you how enjoyable shopping for doors and windows can be.